Each bay consists of an enclosed penthouse sleeping area and an exercise area.

The penthouses each have an individual thermostatic controlled cassette heater.  A cat flap provides access to the exercise area which is equipped with climbing ladder, scratch post and a plentiful supply of toys.

All bays are cleaned daily to a high standard and thoroughly disinfected between occupancies.

The bays are built with sneeze barriers to prevent the possible spread of infection as hygiene is top priority. Cats are provided with comfortable and clean beds, however we do recommend that owners bring their own cat beds/bedding,  together with any favourite toys to help your pet settle in.

Bambers Green Cattery is positioned within the garden of Dalforth House providing a stimulating environment for your cat.

The cattery is situated adjacent to our residence and ensures that it is under close surveillance at all times.

Each cat will be provided with daily cuddles and play time. Brushing can also be provided, if your cat enjoys it.

We aim to provide your pet with a friendly, happy, relaxed, safe and stress free stay giving you peace of mind when leaving your pet with us. For those anxious clients, we also provide a free personal updating texting/email service for extra peace of mind.

Please Note

Only fully vaccinated cats can be accepted, as this is a strict rule of licensing and there is no compromise on this. The responsibility is with the owner to provide an up to date valid vaccination card at the time of arrival.

Sadly we are unable to board cats with any history of Cat Flu regardless of vaccination status.

Cats cannot be accepted without the vaccination card.