Terms & Conditions

  • A valid current vaccination certificate must be produced at time of arrival. Cat(s) cannot be accepted without a valid current vaccination card.   As required by boarding license, the certificate will be retained by Bambers Green Cattery during the boarding period.
  • Feline booster vaccinations are administered yearly and if this has lapsed, your cat may need to restart the course of two injections 3 weeks apart.  The full course must be completed 2 weeks before commencement of their stay.
  • Vets details must be supplied at the time of boarding.
  • Please transport your cat in a suitable safe and secure carrier. This will help to decrease the stress involved to your cat(s).
  • Any medicines/prescription food must be supplied by the owner at time of boarding.
  • A condition of boarding is that your cat(s) is in a fit and healthy condition. Cat(s) showing signs of ill health, may be refused admission to safeguard the health of all boarding cats.
  • Veterinary fees incurred through unrelated or pre-existing conditions, will be the responsibility of the owner and the owner’s current insurance cover.  We accept no responsibility for accidents and illnesses.
  • We reserve the right to seek veterinary advise and treatment if necessary. Any costs involved will be paid for at the time of collection.
  • In the sad event that a cat passes away while in our care we will endeavour to contact you or your designated person to act on your behalf, indicated on your
    booking form. We will then decide how best to proceed.
  • Cat(s) must be treated against worms and fleas prior to boarding.
    Regrettably, UN-NEUTERED MALES CATS CANNOT be accepted for boarding.
  • Only cats from the same family can share the same unit.
  • Any cats not collected within 7 days of the due date of collection and no communication is received from the owner, we reserve the right to take the cat to a suitable animal re-homing charity.
  • Whilst every care and effort is made to ensure the health and well being
    of all the cats in our care, animals are boarded entirely at their OWNERS RISK
    and upon acceptance of our terms and conditions.  
  • Please note that all vehicles driven onto the premises are at the risk of the owner/driver.
  • Payments to be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer prior or on collection.
  • Please note there is a minimum charge of £40.00 on all bookings.
  • These Terms & Conditions will be considered as accepted with each booking.
  • We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.